Blackberry Storm – Three articles

Purported Vodafone BlackBerry Storm screen shots emerge

by Darren Murph, posted Sep 25th 2008 at 11:58PM

We’ve seen most everything about the BlackBerry Storm that Verizon wanted us to see, but this is the first real (clear) glimpse at what the UI is apt to look, taste and smell like whenever it decides to ship. Of course, we’d still caution you to take all of this with a grain of salt until Vodafone comes clean, but the screen shots captured in the read link do look fairly believable. Can you stand any more teasin’? If so, you know where to head.

Are these photos of the BlackBerry Storm?

By Nicolas Deleon


There are entirely too many BlackBerries now.

This here is the Vodaphone-branded BlackBerry Storm, currently thought to be on track for a November U.S. release.

BGR pans the interface, saying it looks rather “text based” for a touchscreen phone that’s supposed to be on the vanguard of the new RIM. I would agree, but not before adding that, you know, it’s a BlackBerry. You can’t convince Wall Street (or what’s left of it) to buy a phone en masse if its perceived as being too cutesy or fun.

That, provided these shots are even real; they could well be fakeity fake-fake.

Crystal Clear Screens of BlackBerry Storm’s Latest Touch UI

We’ve seen some of the BlackBerry Storm’s older UI in blurry shots and videos, but it’s obviously gotten a recent facelift—especially the keyboard, which used to look absolutely gross. Storm Reviews has a load of pics of the freshest UI off of Vodaphone’s version, and it looks pretty good, though I find the italics for the keyboard font to be oddly annoying.


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