Tools and Gadgets to save you time

Here’s a fantastic list of some of the tools I use, and some I have yet to try out.  If you want the links for downloading, click above.

Best Digital Photo Organizer: Picasa
I use Facebook as I don’t have a ton of pictures

Best Instant Messenger: Pidgin
All I’ve ever needed was MSN.

Best GTD Application: Pen and Paper
Agreed and been using this my whole life.

Best DVD Ripping Tool: DVD Shrink
I’ve tested this out and it was good but I do not do a lot of burning

Best Text Editor: Notepad++
Getting this now.

Best Online File Sharing Service: MediaFire

Best RSS Newsreader: Google Reader

Best Application Launcher: Launchy

Best Start Page: iGoogle

Best Antivirus Application: AVG Anti-Virus
This is what I use.

Best Photo Sharing Site: Flickr

Best Personal Finance Tool: Mint

Best Desktop Media Player: VLC

Best Windows Maintenance Tool: CCleaner
Got it and use it weekly.

Best Windows Backup Tool: Carbonite

Best File Syncing Tool: Dropbox
One of my favorite new apps. Drop stuff in there at work and poof, it’s on my computer at home without a USB key etc. Awesome.

Best Alternative File Manager: Total Commander
I use Xplorer2.

Best Desktop Search Application: Windows Search 4

Best FTP Client: Filezilla

Best Password Manager: KeePass
Trying this out.

Best Download Manager: DownThemAll

Best Calendar Application: Google Calendar
I have my outlook auto synced with this and wireless with my blackberry… so I always know where I’m supposed to be.

Best BitTorrent Application: uTorrent
I’ve tried this out but I prefer Vuze.



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