Egg Timer

Features at a Glance

  • Use in three modes: countdown, alarm clock, or stopwatch.
  • Optionally show cool, scrolling LED-style, customizable text message when alarm goes off.
  • Use for cooking, excercising, etc.
  • Great for teachers in the classroom.
  • Limit kids’ time on video games or computer.
  • Use any Wav, MP3, or Midi file OR one of several built-in sounds as an alarm.
  • Can be set for up to 100 hours in “countdown mode”.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cool, colorful, customizable interface.
  • Can be minimized to Windows system tray.
  • Save and reload preset time lengths or wake times.
  • Absolutely free!
  • There are a lot of other programs out there that do this… but some may find it interesting / convenient.


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