I am not a lead…

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I Am Not A Lead

Last year a video circled the internet, I am not a Lead created by Marc Davison of 1000 Watt Consulting. I loved it and so did the thousands of consumers who watched it.

Yes, as Realtors, we “got it” completely, it is not about us, consumers want to be engaged, sellers are willing to pay for our knowledge and experience, buyers want to see all the houses, they want to see all the photos, they don’t want to be captured, or contacted……I AM NOT A LEAD.

Over the year, one phrase has haunted me- I am not a lead. It appears the word LEAD has become a four letter word among many people in our industry. Well, it is a four letter word but not in a derogatory way.

At least it should not be.

But If You’re Not A Lead…

If you are not a lead, what is that person who registers (or not) on your web site, calls from your blog, calls off a sign, attends an open house? That person is not yet a client, not yet a customer, not yet a buyer, not yet a seller. They are a LEAD.

When I go to Best Buy, looking for a new lap top, I am a shopper.

When I go to Lexus to trade in my car, I am a past client.

When I go to Sprint, I am a customer.

Do I expect to be taken care of in all those rolls? treated with respect? engaged about my needs? Yes, of course I do.

That Person IS A Lead

When people register on my web site, send a request in to view home, ask for a CMA, or save homes in their favorites, they are a Potential Client, a Potential Customer, but right then and there that person is a lead. That is OK.

When a college student applies to college they are a potential student, a lead for that school of higher education. When a Dentist opens a new practice, they are looking for leads (patients), same with anyone starting a new business, a plumber, a coffee shop, a nail salon. It is all about leads.

So if you have been careful like I have the last year, of not wanting to insult anyone by saying that four letter word, take a deep breath.

I accept that I am a lead generator and my first contact with potential buyer and sellers, they are leads. That’s it, no more or no less. The hard work starts when you pick up the phone…..



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