Staying Positive

Bad News fosters Bad Attitudes

It’s hard not to fall prey to the incessant bombardment of bad news from Wall Street and Capitol Hill, as financial markets continue to crumble, sending out shockwaves of gloom and doom that trickle down into every corner of the world, and threaten our sense of comfort and security.

No Market is an Island

There are fewer industries more significantly impacted by the current financial woes than real estate. Not only are more Buyers and Sellers hunkering down and waiting out the storm, but even those who have ventured into the market are hard pressed to achieve success. With credit literally frozen and banking institutions collapsing daily, lending requirements have tightened severely, leaving many Buyers who are simply unable to secure a loan.

Worry only delays progress

It’s hard not to worry about tomorrow, especially when you have others who are dependent upon you to provide for them. Such moments are a challenge to our character and faith.

Time for a Marketing Overhaul

Now, more than ever, is the time to re-evaluate your marketing plan, and to invest in activities that offer meaningful results. Work harder? Yes, absolutely! But most definitely, work smarter.

Analyze all of your current marketing methods/activities, and determine which are the most cost/time-effective. Now may be a good time to let go of some of those sacred marketing cows you’ve held onto for so long. Keep your plans and efforts simple and easy to implement.

Make It Personal

There’s something energizing and encouraging about meeting people/clients in person face-to-face. Make it a point to include in your plan a time to daily engage people personally. Enjoy that cup of coffee, or stop by their place or work.

Utilize the Buddy System

It’s at times like these that having meaningful relationships with other like-minded professionals can be so valuable. Find someone to partner with, who can hold you accountable, and cheer you on!

Love the One You’re with

Even in the midst of difficult challenges and pressures, remember to take time to deprogram, unwind, refresh, and re-energize. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures with those you love. Take nothing for granted.

Words of Wisdom

As my Father-in-Law always reminds me, “Have a better breakfast, have a better day!” Starting the day with an empty tank just doesn’t make any sense! And it amazes what a difference regular exercise can make on your attitude and disposition. Find something that works for you and stick with it!

Things may not get better anytime soon. In fact, they may very well get worse. We can only affect change in those things we have control over.

And as my Father-in-Law also wisely states, “This too shall pass.”



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