Why use an Office Space or Commercial Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agents are free for the Tenant

Real Estate Agents are free for the Tenant

You will save time
While we search for your office space, you can focus on running your business. The internet is no longer a novelty and everyone is online, however, the internet should not be used as a “Do it yourself media”. The data tends to be overwhelming and conflicting. Pricing and leasing happens so fast, most website simply cannot keep up. You start searching with enthusiasm and are quickly overloaded and bombarded by agents with little or nothing to offer. You will soon resign yourself to the fact paying an agent is worth it, but wait, commercial real estate services and fees are typically paid by the landlord… our services are free!

It’s free
Our service is free to you- the tenant. Office leasing in Toronto is similar to a residential real estate transaction. The owner pays his broker a commission for each lease signed. If we represent you, the other broker splits the commission with us for helping them lease the office space. You can have a professional on your side, protecting your real estate interests, at no cost to you.

It’s smart business
Knowledge of the current market conditions and the leasing process is critical for success. If you represent yourself, you are at an overwhelming competitive disadvantage. The owner has a broker who knows the market and is paid to protect their interests during the real estate transaction. You can level the playing field by appointing an office space expert to represent you–ensuring you will get the best possible deal when negotiating for your new real estate.


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2 Responses to “Why use an Office Space or Commercial Real Estate Agent?”

  1. Eric Hundin Says:

    I found your blog on MSN Search. Nice writing. I will check back to read more.

    Eric Hundin

  2. SM Says:

    Good points here. I know in Commercial RE, a lot of people definitely don’t understand the “free” part. Most people expect to have to pay you directly for yous services.

    Sean Murphy, Rofo – San Jose Office Space

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