Gigashift – File Sharing With a Business Model

gigashiftA new NY-based startup launched today in beta named GigaShift. Gigashift is a file-sharing service which notes several areas that they believe give Gigashift a competitive advantage over the other 9 million file sharing services on the market. These advantages include: your file recipient can begin downloading while you are still uploading the file, all files are encrypted, pause/resume functionality, and the ability to upload a 10gig file in one upload.

The service uses a simple Java applet which provides pricing once you select the files to upload. Up to 200mb is free, and then the pricing model kicks in. I tested a 3 gb file and the price was $3.50 for 7 days of storage and 3 free downloads. There are options to increase the storage to 30 days for 75 cents and the number of downloads can be increased up to 10 – 5 downloads are $7.

Gigashift appears to compete directly with other popular file sharing services including YouSendIt and Rapidshare.  Gigashift files can be secured with a password and you need the unique id for each file to download it.

For Gigashift to be successful, they clearly need paying customers. Will the average file sharer want to pay? I’d target agencies who need to share files between offices and clients. Gigashift will also need to pound the pavement to get traction and make sure they clearly communicate their market differentiation – otherwise they will just be lumped in as “yet another file sharing service”.


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