A list of fun – at least what I think is fun.

First I read this:
Pare It Down: Cut Away the Extraneous to Leave the Awesome

  • If you’re a blogger, pare down a post until you’re left with just an amazing message, and none of the noise. Also consider posting less (if you post a lot) and only posting the amazing stuff that your readers love.
  • If you’re a marketer, consider your single most important selling point. Then pare down your marketing efforts to focus on that, and let it shine.

What’s cool, and not really related to this blog?

Rocket Car will hit 1000 mph in 40 Seconds

I’m moving into a new condo… and I need a new coffee table… but this may be a little much.

One device to rule the world… I can’t wait to pay bills, listen to music, watch movies, check my email and start my car all with my keys.  Check it out!

I don’t know what’s cooler… this $12,995 monitorthe 150″ tv… or the 3mm Sony?
Vote in the comments?


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One Response to “A list of fun – at least what I think is fun.”

  1. Steve Says:

    I lack the space necessary for a massive monitor or a tv that’s bigger than a house, so I have to go with the slim sony.

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