Office Space Deals Across Toronto

Every week, or as much as I can… I’ll post the better deals that come across my desk.  Here are this weeks!

1 Eglinton Avenue East – 1,166 sf
2 Bloor Street West – 845 sf
21 Camden Street – 2,056 sf
40 Wynford Drive – 614 to 3,104 sf
121 Richmond Street West – 2,410 sf
123 Edward Street – 683 sf to 1,911 sf
174 Spadina Avenue – 287 sf to 2,500 sf
229 Yonge Street – 2,735 sf
260 Spadina Avenue – 1,660 sf
326 Adelaide Street West – 1,497 sf to 3,020 sf

Not sure how many ways I can say this but I guess I have to get use to it.  The reason I post these office space and provide information to the public is because I’m looking for new business!  If you are looking for new office space, to sublease your current space or are starting the process of renewing your lease I can help.  And it’s Free!  Call me at 416-992-9869 or email  Just let me know the area of Toronto you are focused on and the size of space I will do the rest for you!  You can spend and waste HOURS of your time going about this alone, or you can contact me and I will do the work for you.  Pick up the phone and give me a shot!

Please note the attached office space is not listed directly with


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