Define Yourself

This article really hit home for me…. thanks!

What comprises “today’s” Realtor? (it’s not a generational thing) It’s crucial to be confident in our own definitions of ourselves as well as the recognition that there is no one definition.

1 – More agile, nimble and able to adapt to change than previous generations of Realtors (this is not an age-related generalization)

2 – Today’s Realtors are client representatives, not salespeople

3 – Technologically aware and capable

4 – Ethical and honest, but not necessarily tied to the Code of Ethics (there is very little CoE indoctrination, from my limited experience, and besides, you can’t teach ethics). Today’s social-network-aware Realtors are more tuned in to reputation management, because they know that their clients are Googling for them and talking to their friends about them.

5 – Social-network aware, but not solely dependent on social networks for business

6 – Focused on the business of real estate and cognizant of the fact that real estate is not a hobby.

7 – Big Brokers are less relevant to how we/they operate; their brands do not necessarily define individual Realtors’ brands. In some cases the big brands may interfere. *subject of an upcoming post

8 – Willing to educate themselves, and “educate” themselves online to fulfill licensing requirements.

9 – Willing to experiment, fail, learn and move on

The challenge – define yourself, in whatever profession that may be lest others do it for (or to) you.


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