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Pretty cool tool if you have a decent monitor and use Firefox!

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Since I was finally given the green light to install a new widescreen monitor at my office, I’m blessed with vast, barren expanses on either side of the web pages I’m viewing.

Thankfully, while reading my RSS feeds this morning I came across Sizzled Core’s writeup of the TreeStyle Tab extension for Firefox. It allows you to move your tabs list to the left or right of the screen (as well as the top or bottom if you choose).

I won’t lie. It’s a little disorienting at first, and I found myself still mousing to the top of my Firefox window from time to time, but it’s definitely a nice change now that I’m used to it. As an added bonus, stretching the tab bar to fill more of the blank space mean seeing more informative – or at least longer – titles than you would with the Liliputian default tabs.

Right-clicking the tabs allows to to expand and collapse all tab trees, and you can, of course, still drag-and-drop your tabs to re-order them.

I prefer the simplicity of TreeStyle, but if you’re looking for a more feature-rich solution you may want to try Tabextensions 3. It’s got a few more tricks up it’s sleeve, like thumbnail previews and performing actions on multiple tabs.


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