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Advertising Industry

November 12, 2008

I went to an advertising / networking event with a client… here are my favorites.


How to transfer large files online

November 10, 2008

Over the past few years, I’ve been working with video files more and more. The problem with collaborating with others on video files is that if you’re not in the same location, the sheer size of some of the files creates annoyances, and makes sharing files difficult. FTP applications are a standard solution for this, and I’ve used them, but for very small fees, there are a couple of other very convenient solutions.

Two ways to solve the problem of sharing large files online without headaches are WhaleMail and ADrive. WhaleMail has come under Symantec’s wing, as a result of the company’s acquisition of SwapDrive. WhaleMail is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: Making it easy to share large files online.

You need to sign up for WhaleMail before using it, and there are tiered plans–with fees that are quite low–available. You pay according to how much monthly or annual storage space your files are going to be occupying, as seen here.

Once you’ve picked a plan, when you want to share a large file, you upload it, and then enter e-mail addresses for those you want to share it with, and click send. The recipients get an e-mail with a link to the location of your file, and the recipient downloads the file. Of course, it still makes sense to compress your files, but there are many free applications for quickly doing that. Xvid is a good, free tool for video file compression.

I’ve written about ADrive’s low-cost monthly service here recently. The company is offering a service for $6.95 a month that gives you 50GB of free storage and the option to upload files of up to 2GB in size–much larger than the size limits imposed by most of the free, online storage providers. The $6.95 a month also buys you the ability to access your computer remotely, backup services, and more.

Both of these are easy ways to move large files such as video files around at very little cost, and without the need to deal with FTP applications.

Organize your Start Menu!

November 2, 2008

While manually sorting your start menu using Explorer isn’t the most annoying task confronting a Windows user, it’s not all that fun, either.

Winstep Start Menu Organizer makes the process much simpler. Install it, fire it up, and you’re presented with three panes to help sort things out easily: categories, items in the current category, and uncategorized items. Within about 20 seconds I managed to drag my folders into Winstep’s default categories and streamline my previously chaotic menu.

Also included is a handy start menu backup and restore feature, which makes rolling back to your intial Windows default setup a painless procedure.

The free version does have some serious limitations: you can’t create your own categories or subcategories, which could be a major inconvenience for some users. Still, the included default catgories are general enough to help just about anyone compact and bring order to their start menu quickly and easily.

Minefield by Mozilla

November 2, 2008

MinefieldI’m in love. With a browser.

Nope, it’s not Firefox, and not Safari, though I’ve had flings with both in the past. Not Camino, not even Chrome.

My new thing is with Minefield, from Mozilla. Okay, so Minefield is essentially an early build of the next version of Firefox. But the latest version has a drastically improved Javascript engine under the hood. Is it fast? Let me tell you – it’s crazy fast. In fact, Ars Technica is reporting that Minefield is 10% faster than Google Chrome.

Faster than Chrome, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and oh – it supports your Firefox add-ins, as long as you’re willing to force compatibility using Nightly Tester Tools. Minefield is an alpha release, so it’s likely to still be buggy. So far I’ve been lucky though; all of the add-ins that I’ve activated have worked fine right out of the gate.

Let me guess, you’re in love now too, eh? Well, there’s more than enough Minefield to go around. Go get some. Minefield, that is.

[via Ubuntu Unleashed]

Convert PDF to Word!

November 1, 2008

I’ve tried it… it works ok… but it’s mostly text based for offers and marketing material.

Stuck with a PDF file and no application that will let you edit it? PDF UNdo Online is easy, free, works on any computer and there’s no registration required. Click to browse your computer for an Adobe PDF document, click to convert it into a Microsoft Word document, then click to download the converted file. Now you can edit it to your heart’s content in any application that supports Word documents. A perfect complement for PDF Online, which can convert your edited file right back to PDF.


Print2pdf Adds Advanced PDF Conversion to Windows

October 30, 2008

Perfect for sending offers, brokers letters and the like.


Windows only: Free PDF conversion tool Print2PDF isn’t as click-and-go friendly as a tool like doPDF, but it does offer a serious amount of control over the looks, permissions, and security of your PDFs. Like other PDF apps, Print2PDF installs itself as a printer, but after you hit “Print,” you can add watermarks, passwords, change the read/edit/print permissions, add attachments and auto-email, manually change the compression levels, and do much more. Print2PDF also integrates itself directly into Microsoft Word, Excelt, and Internet Explorer, and supports encryption for sensitive documents. It’s probably more than the average home user needs, but office workers may find its options seriously handy. Print2PDF is a free download for Windows systems only.


Tools and fun

October 30, 2008

If you’re in need of a quick and simple way to share a document with a few other people at the same time, worth checking out is ShowDocument.

Coud Contacts
Here’s a time saver if you don’t have an assistant.  Cloud Contacts. It’s a simple service: You send it your business cards, and it enters them all into a format you can import into the contact manager of your choice. An existing scanning service company, Shoeboxed, announced a similar service Monday morning, adding it to the company’s receipt scanning service.

Say you’re shopping for laptops online and you’re trying to figure out how big one is just by its product photo and measurements. It’s not easy is it?

Streaming and Playing mp3 and tv shows in Canada!

October 28, 2008

Here’s an all access guide to mp3’s, streaming audio and video for Hulu!

Find MP3’s


And don’t forget Lala… another great MP3 site!

FYI – if you’re in Canada… like me… and want to access Hulu or Lala… download Hotspot here!  It works!

NYC Buses Testing Digital Ads That Change Depending on Location

October 22, 2008

How about this… for advertising your listings or your companies along a TTC route… pretty creative!


Creative marketing minds have developed a plan to use GPS to deliver neighborhood-specific digital advertising on the side of buses in NYC. Apparently, the ads run like TV commercials and they have begun airing on a single Manhattan route with expansion to 200 buses planned for Q1 of next year. Obviously, targeted advertising is the name of the game, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find GPS systems like this one popping up in major cities across the country in the very near future.


Top 10 Real Estate Sites

October 15, 2008


The top 10  real estate websites for September, 2008, based on visits, according to Hitwise:


2. Yahoo Real Estate

3. Zillow

4. ZipRealty


6.  RE/MAX Real Estate

7.  ServiceMagic

8.  Coldwell Banker Real Estate

9. US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

10. HomeGain

The top 10 search terms are interesting.  Note the brand strength of Zillow.

A new real estate website I like is  They are climbing the charts like a bullet: