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Double Layered LCD

November 8, 2008

Exactly like the old animator’s trick of having stacked gels photographed at different depths in front of the lens, this concept display by designer Mac Funamizu has a dual-layered transparent LCD screen. The idea being that by displaying suitable images on both screens, you’ll get a sense of depth when you view it. A simple way of adding 3D-effects to things like GPS units? Possibly, or just a very funky LCD photo frame perhaps. Just a concept, but the sort of thing you expect might surface in a real gizmo sometime. [Ubergizmo]


TreeStyle Tabs

November 3, 2008

Pretty cool tool if you have a decent monitor and use Firefox!

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Since I was finally given the green light to install a new widescreen monitor at my office, I’m blessed with vast, barren expanses on either side of the web pages I’m viewing.

Thankfully, while reading my RSS feeds this morning I came across Sizzled Core’s writeup of the TreeStyle Tab extension for Firefox. It allows you to move your tabs list to the left or right of the screen (as well as the top or bottom if you choose).

I won’t lie. It’s a little disorienting at first, and I found myself still mousing to the top of my Firefox window from time to time, but it’s definitely a nice change now that I’m used to it. As an added bonus, stretching the tab bar to fill more of the blank space mean seeing more informative – or at least longer – titles than you would with the Liliputian default tabs.

Right-clicking the tabs allows to to expand and collapse all tab trees, and you can, of course, still drag-and-drop your tabs to re-order them.

I prefer the simplicity of TreeStyle, but if you’re looking for a more feature-rich solution you may want to try Tabextensions 3. It’s got a few more tricks up it’s sleeve, like thumbnail previews and performing actions on multiple tabs.

BlackBerry Bold up for pre-order at Best Buy: $680 smackers

October 29, 2008

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We already knew RIM’s BlackBerry Bold would sell for a stiff $299.99 on contract with AT&T, but if you’re one of the many AT&T users who’d rather not sign a new agreement (or renew your current one), you’ve probably been patiently waiting to hear an unsubsidized price. Here is it, but we’re warning you, you might want to sit down. The contract-free Bold is listed at $679.99 at Best Buy, and fittingly enough, the product page offers a convenient link for seeking financing. At any rate, it also tells us that pre-orders will typically ship out within one to two weeks, though we’d be hesitant to bet the farm on that. After waiting for, like, ever, for this handset to finally hit shelves, are you still so anxious to drop nearly seven bills to claim one as your own?

Streaming and Playing mp3 and tv shows in Canada!

October 28, 2008

Here’s an all access guide to mp3’s, streaming audio and video for Hulu!

Find MP3’s


And don’t forget Lala… another great MP3 site!

FYI – if you’re in Canada… like me… and want to access Hulu or Lala… download Hotspot here!  It works!

Cool things

October 26, 2008

Here are some of the cool gadgets I came across this week.

The Vanity Mirror

Super Skinny OLED
If you thought OLEDs were thin already, researchers at the Universal Display Corporation (whose factory we visited last year) have made a flexible display that’s positively anorexic. The ultra-thin metal foil screen is less than 50 micrometers thin, which means it’s even thinner than a sheet of A4 paper. The UDC folks also claimed that their new invention exceeds the industrial target of 1,000 hours and the lifetime of conventionally sealed glass packaged OLEDs.

Blue Tooth Conference Calling

The Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth conferencing system is finally available, connecting up to five Bluetooth headsets at the same time.

MacBook Nano or IPhone Slate

If this is real… I may reconsider my dedication to the Blackberry.

These aren’t normal sunglasses… you can almost see behind you!

New Blackberry Push News and Weather

October 25, 2008

Good news push addicts, BlackBerry Web Signals has finally launched. First announced October 21 at the BlackBerry Developers Conference, Web Signals delivers customizable push content to BlackBerry handsets from a host of media outlets such as Accuweather, CBC News, FOX News, The New York Times and Reuters. Once signed up for a service, any relevant news is pushed to your device meaning you don’t have to go searching for the latest news thus saving not only time but precious, precious battery life as well.

To sign up for BlackBerry Web Signals visit on your BlackBerry.

RIM’s Do-Or-Die Christmas: Crucial Launches For Bold, Storm (RIMM)

October 23, 2008


blackberry-storm-vzw.jpg BlackBerry maker Research In Motion’s (RIMM) stock has been clobbered: Shares are down 65% since mid-summer. But RIM has two massive product launches on tap. If the products arrive in time for the holidays, Citi analyst Jim Suva thinks shares will jump 20% — and possibly more, longer-term. If they don’t hit stores in the next 30-45 days, however, shares should drop more.

Specifically, RIM is readying its 3G ‘Bold’ to sell at AT&T (T), the biggest U.S. wireless carrier, and prepping its touchscreen, iPhone-lookalike Storm (pictured) to sell at no. 2 Verizon Wireless.

Neither product’s launch date has been announced yet, and Suva notes today that investors are “unsure” if the phones will launch in “time/scale for holidays” — a crucial sales period as they go up against Apple’s (AAPL) red-hot iPhone, the new Google (GOOG) G1 smartphone, and other gadgets.

Suva thinks there’s a 75% chance that the launches will happen on time, which could push shares up around 20% — approximately 10% upside each. How about longer term?

  • If the launches happen on time, consumer uptake is strong, and margins improve, shares could hit $80 — roughly 50% higher than now.
  • If the launches happen on time, consumer uptake is strong, and margins don’t improve, shares could hit $72.50 — roughly 37% higher than they’re at now.
  • If the launches happen on time, and consumer uptake is disappointing, shares could stay around $52.50.

Key term: “if the launches happen on time.” If not, Suva thinks shares will slump down to $45 or so — about 15% below today’s level.

Some good news: A leaked AT&T document purports that the Bold, at least, will launch next Monday, Oct. 27. But that’s not set in stone.

A list of fun – at least what I think is fun.

October 23, 2008

First I read this:
Pare It Down: Cut Away the Extraneous to Leave the Awesome

  • If you’re a blogger, pare down a post until you’re left with just an amazing message, and none of the noise. Also consider posting less (if you post a lot) and only posting the amazing stuff that your readers love.
  • If you’re a marketer, consider your single most important selling point. Then pare down your marketing efforts to focus on that, and let it shine.

What’s cool, and not really related to this blog?

Rocket Car will hit 1000 mph in 40 Seconds

I’m moving into a new condo… and I need a new coffee table… but this may be a little much.

One device to rule the world… I can’t wait to pay bills, listen to music, watch movies, check my email and start my car all with my keys.  Check it out!

I don’t know what’s cooler… this $12,995 monitorthe 150″ tv… or the 3mm Sony?
Vote in the comments?

BlackBerry Storm in action, ad nauseam

October 22, 2008

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Just can’t get enough BlackBerry Storm minutiae? Well, Verizon’s popped out a few reels of B-roll that should just about do it. Check them all out after the break, with enough screen clicking, device rotating and battery installing to crack even the most hardened of RIM fanboys.


Best Buy Product Sheet Backs BlackBerry Storm November 16th Release [Blackberry Storm]

October 21, 2008



A Best Buy presentation leaked a couple of weeks ago revealed a November 16th “in-store” date for the BlackBerry Storm. A Best Buy product sheet recently obtained by BGR seems to back up this information citing an “in-stock” date for the same day. If this information is correct, the Storm could hit before Thanksgiving. [BGR]