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November 3, 2008

Pretty cool tool if you have a decent monitor and use Firefox!

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Since I was finally given the green light to install a new widescreen monitor at my office, I’m blessed with vast, barren expanses on either side of the web pages I’m viewing.

Thankfully, while reading my RSS feeds this morning I came across Sizzled Core’s writeup of the TreeStyle Tab extension for Firefox. It allows you to move your tabs list to the left or right of the screen (as well as the top or bottom if you choose).

I won’t lie. It’s a little disorienting at first, and I found myself still mousing to the top of my Firefox window from time to time, but it’s definitely a nice change now that I’m used to it. As an added bonus, stretching the tab bar to fill more of the blank space mean seeing more informative – or at least longer – titles than you would with the Liliputian default tabs.

Right-clicking the tabs allows to to expand and collapse all tab trees, and you can, of course, still drag-and-drop your tabs to re-order them.

I prefer the simplicity of TreeStyle, but if you’re looking for a more feature-rich solution you may want to try Tabextensions 3. It’s got a few more tricks up it’s sleeve, like thumbnail previews and performing actions on multiple tabs.


Organize your Start Menu!

November 2, 2008

While manually sorting your start menu using Explorer isn’t the most annoying task confronting a Windows user, it’s not all that fun, either.

Winstep Start Menu Organizer makes the process much simpler. Install it, fire it up, and you’re presented with three panes to help sort things out easily: categories, items in the current category, and uncategorized items. Within about 20 seconds I managed to drag my folders into Winstep’s default categories and streamline my previously chaotic menu.

Also included is a handy start menu backup and restore feature, which makes rolling back to your intial Windows default setup a painless procedure.

The free version does have some serious limitations: you can’t create your own categories or subcategories, which could be a major inconvenience for some users. Still, the included default catgories are general enough to help just about anyone compact and bring order to their start menu quickly and easily.

Minefield by Mozilla

November 2, 2008

MinefieldI’m in love. With a browser.

Nope, it’s not Firefox, and not Safari, though I’ve had flings with both in the past. Not Camino, not even Chrome.

My new thing is with Minefield, from Mozilla. Okay, so Minefield is essentially an early build of the next version of Firefox. But the latest version has a drastically improved Javascript engine under the hood. Is it fast? Let me tell you – it’s crazy fast. In fact, Ars Technica is reporting that Minefield is 10% faster than Google Chrome.

Faster than Chrome, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and oh – it supports your Firefox add-ins, as long as you’re willing to force compatibility using Nightly Tester Tools. Minefield is an alpha release, so it’s likely to still be buggy. So far I’ve been lucky though; all of the add-ins that I’ve activated have worked fine right out of the gate.

Let me guess, you’re in love now too, eh? Well, there’s more than enough Minefield to go around. Go get some. Minefield, that is.

[via Ubuntu Unleashed]

Convert PDF to Word!

November 1, 2008

I’ve tried it… it works ok… but it’s mostly text based for offers and marketing material.

Stuck with a PDF file and no application that will let you edit it? PDF UNdo Online is easy, free, works on any computer and there’s no registration required. Click to browse your computer for an Adobe PDF document, click to convert it into a Microsoft Word document, then click to download the converted file. Now you can edit it to your heart’s content in any application that supports Word documents. A perfect complement for PDF Online, which can convert your edited file right back to PDF.


Define Yourself

November 1, 2008

This article really hit home for me…. thanks!

What comprises “today’s” Realtor? (it’s not a generational thing) It’s crucial to be confident in our own definitions of ourselves as well as the recognition that there is no one definition.

1 – More agile, nimble and able to adapt to change than previous generations of Realtors (this is not an age-related generalization)

2 – Today’s Realtors are client representatives, not salespeople

3 – Technologically aware and capable

4 – Ethical and honest, but not necessarily tied to the Code of Ethics (there is very little CoE indoctrination, from my limited experience, and besides, you can’t teach ethics). Today’s social-network-aware Realtors are more tuned in to reputation management, because they know that their clients are Googling for them and talking to their friends about them.

5 – Social-network aware, but not solely dependent on social networks for business

6 – Focused on the business of real estate and cognizant of the fact that real estate is not a hobby.

7 – Big Brokers are less relevant to how we/they operate; their brands do not necessarily define individual Realtors’ brands. In some cases the big brands may interfere. *subject of an upcoming post

8 – Willing to educate themselves, and “educate” themselves online to fulfill licensing requirements.

9 – Willing to experiment, fail, learn and move on

The challenge – define yourself, in whatever profession that may be lest others do it for (or to) you.

SanDisk developing 128GB MicroSD cards for a 2011 release

October 31, 2008

It’s generally accepted that flash memory eventually doubles in capacity and apparently SanDisk is looking towards the future when 128 GB MicroSD cards are available. ‘cording to the Deccan Herald and SanDisk’s CEO though, those cards will not be available until 2011 and I am assuming they will be of the new SDHC flavor. Seeing as the largest widely available MicroSDHC card is currently only a 8 GB and 16 GB flavors coming real soon, it might just take over two years for us to see 128GB MicroSDHC cards. Just think of all the crap you can load on your phone when you have 128GB of room!


October 31, 2008

We’ve officially migrated to!  Come check out our new layout and subscribe to our RSS feed!!!!!!!!



ZoomProspector helps you relocate your business

October 31, 2008
Here’s some competition that just started in the states.

A new commercial real estate site is opening its doors Tuesday: ZoomProspector. It’s designed to help businesses find communities for new offices or plants, and then find the properties that fit their needs.

The service collects business stats on cities and counties, and lets you explore those in a clean interface. More importantly, it lets you search for communities that meet the criteria that matter to you. If you want a fast-growing, white-collar community near an active entrepreneurial ecosystem and a major airport, you probably already know where to look. But if you need to site and staff a manufacturing plant and are looking for community stability and an underemployed blue-collar workforce, there are options you may not know about. This service should help you find and compare them.

The service searches economic data to find you a location for your business.

The ZoomProspector team gets its data from a variety of sources and has deals with chambers of commerce and commercial real estate companies to pull it all together. I saw an earlier beta of the site and found it hard to use, but I like the version that’s being released Tuesday. I did find the “wizard” that walks you through community selection too linear, but you can skip it and enter in your criteria directly to search the database if you like.

The service will also connect you with consultants who specialize in industries or locations, as well as economic development agencies that can help you grease the skids when you get interested in a locale.

One might think it is a bad time to launch a real estate site, either commercial or residential, but in the coming months business owners who want to survive will be forced to take a very clinical view of their operations, which includes siting. This tool could help.

You can also use it to drill into data on a location you are already familiar with.

Brokers and Landlord listings

October 31, 2008

Almost happy halloween!

Allied Properties
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Emery Investments

Support  Call us to simplifiy your search, for free.  416-992-9869 or

Please note the attached office space is not listed with

Telecommuting Talking Points [Telecommuting]

October 30, 2008

This works great for me!… actually I find myself more productive at home without people constantly stopping by.



Wired magazine columnist (and friend of Lifehacker) Brendan I. Koerner makes the case for companies to ditch their offices entirely and let all their employees telecommute to work. Nuts? Maybe, but in a time of budget crunches and sky-high gas prices, it can save both the company and its workers a whole lot of scratch—plus up productivity.

Last year, researchers from Penn State analyzed 46 studies of telecommuting conducted over two decades and covering almost 13,000 employees. Their sweeping inquiry concluded that working from home has “favorable effects on perceived autonomy, work-family conflict, job satisfaction, performance, turnover intent, and stress.” The only demonstrable drawback is a slight fraying of the relationships between telecommuters and their colleagues back at headquarters — largely because of jealousy on the part of the latter group. That’s the first problem you solve when you kill your office.

While big companies with dozens of established offices (and leases) probably won’t take this advice, if you’re trying to make the case to your boss for telecommuting (even once or twice a week), this article’s a good reference point.