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Worlds Fastest Copier

November 15, 2008

Japanese office equipment manufacturer Riso has developed the world’s fastest color photocopier for office use [JP] (at least this is what they and their partner Olympus claim). The ORPHIS X9050 is able to make 150 copies per minute.

This performance has a price: The machine’s list price is $46,000. Riso is also planning to sell a trimmed down version of the X9050, the ORPHIX X7250, for $10,000 less. But that model is only able to make 120 copies per minute.

Both photocopiers are scheduled for release in Japan in February 2009. I wouldn’t be too suprised to see them sold outside Nippon soon thereafter.


Video conference – phone of the future

September 25, 2008

ASUS Aiguru SV1: The future

scaled.IMG 5277
As we learned today, ASUS is releasing a Skype videophone that brings the 25th century to the comfort of your home. The device has a full color camera and mini-screen and brings up your Skype contacts for immediate video calling without a PC. This is basically the best thing ever for grandmothers, mothers, and whoever else you might want to video chat with and who is unable, for whatever reason, to press the green button on Skype to make a call.
scaled.IMG 5279scaled.IMG 5280
No pricing, but it seems that they’re going to release this in October and we’re pretty darned excited. Seriously. This is video calling, just like in Buck Rogers.